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A Complete Catalogue Of Footballs


Soccer or football is a globally beloved sport. Almost everyone can name at least one of the legendary footballers. To kick-off this sport, all you need is a cool football and a bunch of passionate friends. A wide range of footballs, modern football accessories including gloves, shin guards, goal posts, training kits, markers, among others, is available online.

 Numerous factors are taken into account when you begin your search for that perfect football. Durability, material, bounce, weight, price are some of the elements, players look for. However, a brand name is one thing which must be considered before you think of buying football online. A well-known and reputed brand itself gives the guarantee of the quality. Branded footballs come in a wide range keeping in mind the diverse needs of footballers.


 Footballs are available in a lot of materials, including synthetic, leather, rubber, etc. Casual players, usually, opt for rubber balls as these come cheap in comparison to other balls. Leather balls are a little expensive. But these kinds are water-absorbent and thus cannot be played during rains or on a wet pitch. Those who play this game every day should go for polyurethane footballs. Professionals prefer playing with these. It is recommended to choose lightweight ball over heavier ones as sustaining the momentum of heavy balls is tough. Footballs are available from size 1 to 7 as well as in the standard size.

 Shoes, Cleats, and Socks: A pair of sturdy, good-quality shoes can change the course of the game. And for support & traction, these shoes require cleats; you can choose from molded cleats, multi-ground cleats, and replaceable cleats, depending on your grip. When it comes to shoes, there are sandals, indoor shoes, and turf shoes which are ideal for playing this sport. Soccer socks are high, covering the shin guards. When buying socks for football, consider its material as per the weather conditions. It is recommended to buy a couple of pairs together so that you don’t run out them during significant games

 Shin Guards

Shin guards protect your ankles, legs, and shins from sustaining any injury while playing. Available in different material including kevlar, polyurethane, fiberglass, and other sturdy materials, these make a perfect buy for high-impact absorption and optimum comfort. One thing to keep in mind while buying shin guards is to buy larger ones that cover a large area for maximum safety.

 Football Clothing

Jerseys and shorts are standard attire for this sport. Opt for breathable and lightweight clothes which keep your body at comfort while running in the field. Most of the football clothing is made from the fabric, which keeps your skin fresh and dry.

 Goalkeeper Gloves 

A goalkeeper is an important player in the team. A good pair of gloves help in controlling the ball and thereby prevent any injuries. Several gloves such as finger protection glove, weather protection glove, and match gloves are available in different materials, foams, and various technologies for optimum support.


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