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550 FireCord 25ft, Safety Orange

550 FireCord 25ft, Safety Orange

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550 firecord gives you the ability to always be prepared to make fire in any emergency situation, perfect for everyday carry (EDC)! 550 firecord is the next evolution in outdoor gear preparedness. 550 parachute cord or "paracord", has been the standard go-to for most cordage needs as it has tons of utility. From zipper pulls and handles to keychains, bracelets and lanyards and as simply as lashing. Now, imagine if you could also use your paracord as fire tinder.enter 550 firecord, the fire preparedness solution that will ensure you are Always Prepared!

  • 550 FireCord starts easily, burns very hot, and lasts for a long period of time
  • 7 strand Paracord + 1 strand of Fire Cord as fire tinder
  • Comes in 25', 50', 100' FT hanks at multiple colors
  • Waterproof, UV mildew rot resistant Cord
  • In Emergency situations, 550 firecord works great for survival kits, zipper pulls, handles, keychain

Product Specification

Colors 'Safety Orange
Size '25 feet
Dimension 9x0.5x4 inches
Weight 0.18 pounds