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AGPtek® 6 Pcs Bike Bicycle Cycling Tyre Wheel Spoke LED Light Lamp (Multi-color) - onlinesportsmall

AGPtek® 6 Pcs Bike Bicycle Cycling Tyre Wheel Spoke LED Light Lamp (Multi-color)

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Introduction:This kind of 6PCS LED Light for Bicycle gives you the excellent brightness in the dark or in strong backlighting with this long-lasting LEDs that features color balance. The LED light fits easily on to your bike and gives you extra safety while cycling at night. The lamp holder side is transparent with aura, which can shine and make cycling more secure and smooth. You don't need to worry about in the rainy day for its waterproof features. Specifications: 1. Materials: Flexible waterproof silicone 2. Light Color: Multi-color 3. Silicone Color: White 4. Length: 13cm ; width: 4cm 5. Weight:30g 6.Power by: CR2032 battery x 1(Included) Caution: Please make sure the light is locked in position when you install them. This item will be firm enough for daily use. For extra stability or use them on Mountain Bike, please TIE THEM UP with string or steel wire Do not directly to look at illuminated LED Careful for direction of install batteries Do not use new and old battery together Package Included:6 x Bike Bicycle Spoke Wire Tire Tyre Silicone Multi-color LED Light