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AquaBells Mini Ankle Weights (set of 2) - onlinesportsmall

AquaBells Mini Ankle Weights (set of 2)

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With AquaBells Mini Ankle Weights you can also maintain your lower body workout regimen while on the road! These fully collapsible Ankle Weights, unfilled weigh less than 8 ounces, and are small enough to fit into a fanny pack. Filled with water they provide up to 4 pounds of resistance per pair. Simply fill the two ankle weights to your desired weight resistance and attach with the comfortable Velcro straps. Great for physical therapy, and also can be used for water resistance programs when in swimming pools,too!

  • Includes two Ankle Weights, adjustable up to 4 pounds
  • Just fill with water to the desired weight.
  • Deflates in seconds, when traveling it is compact enough to fit into a fanny pack.
  • Soft cushioned vinyl that conforms to your ankles for comfort.
  • The set weighs only 8 ounces when collapsed.

Product Specification

Colors Blue
Weight 24 oz