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Armor Venue Flat Compass Outdoor Camping Gear - onlinesportsmall

Armor Venue Flat Compass Outdoor Camping Gear

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This flat compass is accurate, simple, functional and portable. It is ideal for decoration or for use while camping hunting, hiking or any outdoors activity. Measurements: 3"

  • Highest Quality: Our outdoor items are made from the finest metals, and the best in class wood!
  • Perfection: Designed to be perfect for outdoors and camping, or even to be seen on display in your home as a unique conversation piece!
  • Nautical: This piece is designed for the sailor in you, with it's nautical and antique charm!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We promise that all of products are of the highest standard, so we always guarantee 100% satisfaction!
  • Dimensions: L: 0.1in x W: 2in x H: 0.5in Weight: 2.00lb

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