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Black Diamond Pulley, Silver - onlinesportsmall

Black Diamond Pulley, Silver

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The Black Diamond pulley is an irreplaceable piece of climbing accessory that has to be a part of your sports rack. Made from aluminum alloy, this pulley is quite strong and resilient. Weighing just 2.7 oz., it will make a great addition to your light-weight climbing equipment on your next adventure. The pulley is self-lubricating, thereby ensuring that it will do its job anytime and you don't have to carry extra lubricant cans or tubes. This pulley is designed to haul some serious load and its strength of 3822 lbs. Is testimony to this fact. Its light weight and strength make it ideal for a variety of rope activities, such as climbing, hauling, rescue missions and even a trip across a glacier. So when you think of any activity involving ropes and heavy loads, be sure to have the Black Diamond pulley in your accessory list.

  • An efficient Pulley for hauling, Rescue and glacier travel
  • Self-lubricating
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Strong and resilient
  • Strength of 3822 lbs

Product Specification

Colors 'Silver
Size 'One Size
Dimension 1x2x4 inches
Weight 100

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