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Brass Maritime Duty Watch Ship?s Bell - onlinesportsmall

Brass Maritime Duty Watch Ship?s Bell

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A ship's bell is used to indicate the time aboard a ship and hence to regulate the sailors' duty watches. Unlike civil clock bells, the strikes of the bell do not accord to the number of the hour. Instead, there are eight bells, one for each half-hour of a four-hour watch. In the age of sailing, watches were timed with a 30-minute hourglass. Bells would be struck every time the glass was turned, and in a pattern of pairs for easier counting, with any odd bells at the end of the sequence. Also a ship's bell is also used for safety in foggy conditions, their most important modern use or when a sailor has died he can be honored with the sounding of eight bells; end of the watch. The term "Eight Bells" can also be used in an obituary. Our Brass Maritime Duty Watch Ship?s Bell has been handcrafted with 100% brass and polished to perfection. The brass wall mount has 2 screw holes for easy mounting. This piece is fully functional with a brass clapper with cotton cord and will accent any boat or home with nautical theme.

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