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CanDo Donut Ball - Orange - 22" Dia x 12" H (55 cm Dia x 30 cm H) - onlinesportsmall

CanDo Donut Ball - Orange - 22" Dia x 12" H (55 cm Dia x 30 cm H)

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The Cando Donut Exercise, Workout, Core Training, Swiss Stability Ball for Yoga, Pilates and Balance Training makes fitness fun while improving balance, coordination, flexibility, and core strength. The unique flat sided design is the perfect alternative to traditional exercise balls offering additional uses never seen before by the fitness industry. Made from DURABLE latex free PVC, this Fitness Ball works perfectly as a Swiss ball, Office chair, Yoga ball, Pilates ball, Workout ball, and even compliments your core training routine. Offering the benefits of a traditional balance ball, its flat side provides stability and offers new unique challenges for the user. The Cando Donut Exercise Stability Ball can be used as a stationary contact point during sit ups and push-ups adding instability engaging core muscles. The instability during exercise make your fitness routine more effective targeting specific muscles. To add diversity to your sit-up routine simply hold the Cando Donut Exercise Stability Ball between your legs to engage your core. This ball's unique donut design is perfect for sitting as its flat sides stop the workout ball from rolling. Additionally, the exercise ball's can be flipped on its rounded side to perform various exercises. Great for all ages, men and women the Cando Donut Exercise Stability Ball for Yoga and Balance Training is used by physical therapists as aids for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy, by fitness enthusiasts as an aid for stretching, yoga, Pilates, and strength training, and even professionals for added comfort at a desk to engage the user's core throughout the work day. Underinflate to give the workout ball a soft, mushy feel, or inflate it to its max for a firm bouncy feel. The ball's latex-free material supports a 300 lb. weight capacity, and its ribbed non-slip vinyl surface gives extra grip for added security. The Cando Donut Exercise Stability Ball is great for children to sit on while learning at school, or as an exercise tool to release extra energy at home. The Cando Donut Exercise Stability Ball is a great tool to combat restlessness in the classroom as sitting on it during the school day creates an excellent outlet for excess energy, ADHD, and anxiety. Also, its shape and color provide a source of sensory play for children and adults with disabilities.

  • IMPROVE BALANCE AND STRENGTH: Can Do Inflatable Donut Balls improve core strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.
  • USE BY ANYONE ANYWHERE: Flat side provides stability while sitting on the exercise ball, but while exercising it adds instability to engage stabilizing muscles to increase fitness effectiveness.
  • PERFECT SIT-UP TOOL: Unique design allows user to add additional resistance to workout by holding the donut stability ball between their leg.
  • FIVE COLORS and SIZES: Available in 5 color-coded sizes for Adults and Children.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE DURABLE DESIGN: Non-slip latex-free Durable PVC material supports up to 300 lbs.

Product Specification

Colors Orange: 21.7 dia
Size 22" Dia x 12"H
Dimension 11.81x21.65x21.65 inches
Weight 1.75 pounds

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