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CanDo Foam Roller - Antimicrobial - Beige PE foam - 6" x 36" - Round - onlinesportsmall

CanDo Foam Roller - Antimicrobial - Beige PE foam - 6" x 36" - Round

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CanDo Plus PE Antimicrobial Foam Rollers are economical, versatile and easy to use. The foam is made from a special anti-microbial additive that protects against bacteria and odors. The half round roller has a "full-skin" to keep the roller from warping or bowing. This skin also keeps the roller surface cleaner. Prevent future muscle injury by using these rollers to enhance your balance, improve core strength, and increase flexibility. CanDo rollers are the perfect myofascial release tool for CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, and other exercise activities. Myofascial release helps increase blood flow and the mobility of the fascia tissue. This action over time eliminates pain, restores motion and maximizes sporting performance. Use foam rollers to reduce post workout soreness in the back, legs, neck, IT-Band, and shoulder muscles.

Use round rollers to enhance your workout by making push-ups, planks and other exercises more challenging. After a workout, use round rollers to give yourself a deep tissue massage, slowly rolling over various areas of your body. You break up scar tissue, and speed up workout recovery. Round rollers offer progressive exercise sequences - users can graduate from an easier (smaller diameter) roller to a more difficult (larger diameter) roller.

Half round rollers are a great tool for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation. You can also use them as a rocker board by standing on its flat side to improve your balance. The diameter refers to the width of the half-round profile.

The CanDo Plus PE Antimicrobial Foam Rollers have a beige tint easily distinguishes this antimicrobial roller from standard white foam rollers. They are available in 36" and 12" lengths with either a round (circular) or half-round (semi-circular) profile. The diameter of each roller is 6 inches. The foam is strong enough to be used by large adults and active children. These rollers are perfect for all body types from beginners, to professional athletes. They can be used alone or with other exercisers such as CanDo exercise bands, tubing, weights and balls. Choose the roller that is right for you!

  • The perfect myofascial release tool for CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, Bodybuilding, MMA and other exercise activities
  • Special anti-microbial foam protects against bacteria and odors
  • Full-skin design prevents against warping, prolonging the life of the roller
  • Relieve pain in your back, legs, neck, IT-Band, and shoulders by triggering blood circulation to sore and tight muscles
  • Available with a distinctive beige finish in both round or half-round styles, and lengths from 12" to 36"

Product Specification

Size 6" X 36"
Dimension 36x6x6 inches
Weight 1.8 pounds

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