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CanDo Inflatable Exercise Ball - Sensi-Ball - Red - 39" (95 cm) - onlinesportsmall

CanDo Inflatable Exercise Ball - Sensi-Ball - Red - 39" (95 cm)

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The CanDo inflatable exercise sensi-ball has a specially textured "nubby" surface that adds tactile and visual elements to ball therapy. The bumps also massage the user. Balls are used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength, and even just for fun. Balls can support up to 300 pounds. Available in various color-coded sizes.

  • CanDo-best alternative to Theraband
  • Sensi-Ball
  • 100 cm (39.4 inch)

Product Specification

Colors Red (39.4)
Size Red, 100cm,Each
Dimension 39x39x39 inches
Weight 5.03 pounds

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