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Cee Gees Cushy's Aerobar Pads (Profile F40TT) CYPR09 - onlinesportsmall

Cee Gees Cushy's Aerobar Pads (Profile F40TT) CYPR09

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The Cushys for Profile F-40TT is a must have item ! The current stock factory pads are thinner and extremely rigid on the arms. Fits: Profile F-40TT Arm Rest, 2017 T1+ Carbon, T2+ Carbon T3+ Carbon, T4+ Carbon, T5+ Carbon. **Please check that you are running on the F-40TT Alloy Arm Rest (see product photo) . Even with these guidelines, double check the shape and measurements of the Cushy's to make sure they are the right ones to fit your aerobar. Armrests can change from year to year even though the aerobar name remains the same. Features: Hi-Tech Dual Density Construction Washable Lycra Surface Material Long Lasting...Almost indestructible Foam Specs: Color:Black Size: F-40TT Thickness: 1.5 cm Width: Pending

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