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DS-30 LED White Drone Strobe UAV Strobe Locator - onlinesportsmall

DS-30 LED White Drone Strobe UAV Strobe Locator

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This is NOT just an LED, it is a 4 LED High intensity, long range Drone strobe light that is visible in all directions. United States Coast Guard Alternatives to Pyrotechnics Test Report. See our product #19 on pages 5 and 20. We were the only compact strobe seen at 5 miles compared to other products tested. Download and read the USCG test report. ADA558775 , FAA Approved 60 Flashes per minute. Many customers use a 9 Volt Lithium Battery case with on/off switch (not included). Over 5 NM night range exceeds FAA requirements for dusk, twilight, and night flights. A must have item for professionals, commercial, SAR, and recreational drone operators. BE SEEN BE SAFE

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