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Emergency Roadside Kit (Cal Poly Mustangs) Digital Print - onlinesportsmall

Emergency Roadside Kit (Cal Poly Mustangs) Digital Print

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Emergency roadside kit (Cal poly Mustangs) digital print;1 Triangular-shaped tote with reflective tape that doubles as a roadside hazard sign; 1 set of jumper cables (8.2-Ft long, 15-gauge copper with Laminated instructions tag affixed to the cables), 1 heavy-duty plastic ice Scraper, 1 tire-pressure gauge, 1 9-piece ratchet set (socket sizes ranging from 3/16" to 1/2") with rigid hand driver, 1 pair of standard slip-joint pliers, 1 flathead screwdriver (7-1/4"), 1 Phillips screwdriver (7-1/4"), 1 roll of Red electrical tape, blade-style automotive fuses: (1) 10 amp, (2) 15 amp, and (1) 20 amp, 1 pair of white work gloves (woven heavy-duty cotton blend), and insulated ring and Spade Terminals (3 of each);manufactured in the country of China;perfect for any picnic all year round

  • Manufactured in the country of China
  • Items Color: Black
  • Decoration: digital print

Product Specification

Colors Black
Size One Size
Weight 5 pounds