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Endoskel Baseball Catchers Thumb Guard RHT with Extreme Impact Protection Foam Technology - onlinesportsmall

Endoskel Baseball Catchers Thumb Guard RHT with Extreme Impact Protection Foam Technology

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ENDOSKEL catchers and fielders thumb guard splint. Made with High Grade AIRCRAFT ALUMINUM & XTREME IMPACT PROTECTION FOAM TECHNOLOGY. OVER A THOUSAND SOLD. It's the TERMINATOR of all catcher's thumb guards. STAY IN THE GAME LONGER!, The best alternative to other thumb guards on the market. It's designed to permanently stay in the glove, no need to slip it in or out during a game, it doesn't fall out. The only time you remove it is if you need to switch it to a new glove. See us on youtube search Endoskel. Made with MILITARY GRADE AIRCRAFT ALUMINUM. It's ergonomically contoured and layered with POLYURETHANE OPEN CELL TECHNOLOGY foam for XTREME shock absorption and added comfort. You can see there is one in some of the gloves already in the photos. No need to fumble around during a game between innings searching for a thumb guard that falls out. It can also be used in first basemen and outfielders gloves. The most common remarks we get is that players can not really feel it in the glove it does not interfere at all and that they forget that it is even there, yet it protects their thumb. It TERMINATES the pain! The second most common comment and unexpected benefit is that it gives you more power to close the glove. It increases your thumbs closing power by actually extending your thumbs reach by about an inch or so and also width wise. That is an added edge for outfielders gloves which are extra long, it gives you more control. This can be installed on to any baseball glove within a couple of minutes, leather lacing is included and zip ties, you can use either. The splint measures 4 11/16 inches long and 1 5/16 inches wide. It fits all field and first baseman's gloves 10 inches or higher and catchers gloves of 31 inches and higher. SEE US at endo-skel.com

  • THE TERMINATOR OF ALL CATCHERS THUMB GUARDS! Made with High Grade AIRCRAFT ALUMINUM and Extreme Impact Protection open cell foam technology, reduces thumb joint flexion & pain from ball impact.
  • Gives you more control and more glove closing power.
  • Stays in the glove, does not fall out. No need to insert it or remove it from the glove during a game.
  • It's not worn on the hand. Search Endoskel on Youtube see how it works.
  • The Power and Strength of High Grade AIRCRAFT ALUMINUM, It's Not Just for Baseball Bats.
Product Specification
Colors black, silver
Size one size fits all
Dimension 1x6x9 inches
Weight 0.13 pounds

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