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Fabric 2018 Scoop Radius Elite Bicycle Saddle - FU4500RE (BLACK/RED) - onlinesportsmall

Fabric 2018 Scoop Radius Elite Bicycle Saddle - FU4500RE (BLACK/RED)

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The Scoop saddle is designed to provide flexibility and great ergonomic feel for all genres of cycling. Starting with our unique flexible base, vacuum bonded upper and custom design rail, the Fabric Scoop is proven to be the perfect balance of comfort, performance and simplicity. Available in three profiles and four specifications. Wide choice of colours & specification. The Scoop is versatile. A regular Best in Test' winner, it is available in a wide range of specifications and colours to suit the needs and budget of every kind of rider. 3 rider profiles. Choose the Scoop to suit. There are 3 profiles of Scoop saddle; Flat for a more aerodynamic riding position, Shallow for all-day performance and Radius for a more upright, comfort focused position. Our unique 3 part bonding process not only results in super comfort but also an easy to clean saddle with smooth lines and superb durability.

  • 256g
  • width_142mm length_282mm
  • base_Nylon
  • rail_Hollow Cro-mo
  • upper_Lightweight PU foam cover_Waterproof microfibre

Product Specification

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