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Green Batting Mat Pro (unlined) - onlinesportsmall

Green Batting Mat Pro (unlined)

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Batting Mat Pro | Green Artificial Turf - Unlined This is a Green Color, Artificial Turf batter's mat which is a portable, size 6' X 12' Pro Model. The batting mat is manufactured with a thick 5 mm foam backing. Batting mat will help keep your batters box area clean, less muddy, and stop ruts from forming from the continuous wear and tear. And you can also use this batting mat indoors, where it will assist in securing your players footing during practice, as well as protecting your floor from abuse.  Artificial turf mats are easy to roll up for simple storage. - High-grade textured mat turf is spike-resistant. - Mat is perfect for batting practice and pregame warmups. - Designed with durability, longevity and excellent foot traction.   - Batter's mat is portable, easy to move around the field or gym, easy to store.  - Artificial turf mat features a thick 5 mm foam backing and white turf lines. Item # W-AT5001 or AT5001 -  Green Artificial Turf Batter's Mat Pro Unlined

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