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Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Ekho FiT-18 - onlinesportsmall

Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Ekho FiT-18

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Ekho Heart Rate monitor watches come standard with watch face and features, heart rate monitor transmitter, and manual. The FiT18 offers Continuous heart rate, Average heart rate, Maximum heart rate, % of max heart rate, Target Zone, Out of zone visual alarm for high/low target zone, Audible alarm OFF mode, Time in/above/below target zone recall, Calories Burned, 21 laps, Time, Date, Stopwatch/Exercise time, Water Resistant, Large display, ECG Accurate, User changeable batteries, Interfaces with heart rate interactive exercise equipment. Ekho FiT-18

  • Weight - 1
  • Length - 4
  • Width - 4
  • Height - 2
  • Contains_Latex - No

Product Specification

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