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High Quality Hammock Outdoor Casual Single Hammock Blue - onlinesportsmall

High Quality Hammock Outdoor Casual Single Hammock Blue

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The hammock can be widely used, you can use it when you go for an outing, when you want to have a nap, when the children want to play or when you want to enjoy the cool under trees in summer. It's really a great friend. The hammock is foldable and portable. If you need to outwork, the portable hommock is your beat chioce, you can enjoy the nice outdoor life with it.


1:Please do not apply a lot of force, for fear that it will be breakdown.

2:Check the ropes of both ends, avoid being over worn.

3:Children under 7 years should be looked after when using it.

4:Check the rope before using, the distance of the bind yarn is the shorter the better.

5:The height of fixed place should not higher than 1 meter from the ground.

6:Prevent edge tool scrape, far from the fire.

  • Material: Thick canvas.
  • Load bearing: 100KG.
  • Weight: 0.75KG.
  • Application: Double.
  • Size: 200*80m.
Product Specification
Colors Blue
Size Free Size