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Home Court 17NAS Volleyball Sand Boundary Non-Adjustable Web, Red, 1' - onlinesportsmall

Home Court 17NAS Volleyball Sand Boundary Non-Adjustable Web, Red, 1'

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The boundary includes two non-adjustable sections. Each with three 30-foot lengths of 1-inch wide heavy weight UV treated polypropylene webbing court boundary system. Each of the two sections includes: three 30-foot lengths of web and has nickel plated steel rings stitched at each corner. Sections join together at center court under net with plastic side release buckles. The four 9-inch plastic pegs (#bts) with approximate 2-ft of bungee cord attached to each peg. The attached bungee cord enables boundary to form a perfect Rectangle and will stretch when tripped on for safety. A hand winder provided for storage. The product is better suited for sand use, however will work in loose soil without rocks. Not recommend for hard ground setup as any plastic stake will not last long after repeated poundings into the ground.

  • Quick sand setup webbing boundary
  • 1-inch width - 30 x 60-ft
  • Nickel plated steel corner rings
  • 10-inch plastic pegs - sand play
  • Made in the USA
Product Specification
Colors Red
Size 1"
Dimension 18x18x20 inches
Weight 4 pounds