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Hotop 12 Pack Bike Puncture Repair Patches Self Adhesive Kit - onlinesportsmall

Hotop 12 Pack Bike Puncture Repair Patches Self Adhesive Kit

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Hotop 12 pack bike puncture repair patches self adhesive patches kit Features: These self adhesive patches repairing bike puncture are easy to handle without any extra glue better than the traditional patch. How to operate and repair inner tube: 1. Deflate the tube completely after locating the puncture. 2. Keep the tube dry. 3. Sanding around the puncture area of the tube with sandpaper, making sure the sanded area is slightly larger than the patch so that the edges stick properly. 4. Carefully remove the patch from the paper backing without touching the sticky area. 5. Place the center of the patch over the hole and press down firmly from the center to the outer edges. 6. Inflate the tube. Note: finished repair bike puncture, please wait 15 minutes before you ride. Packaging includes: 6 x Patches with sand paper 6 x Patches with polished metal

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