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Kinetic by Kurt InRide 3 - onlinesportsmall

Kinetic by Kurt InRide 3

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The new Kinetic in Ride 3 Power Sensor allows owners of most classic Kinetic Rock and Roll or Road Machine fluid trainers to capitalize on the benefits of training software like Swift and Trainer Road. The unit installs in minutes and immediately connects you to training apps with an iPhone, iPad or Android device. The Kinetic in Ride 3 sensor is compatible with apps like Kinetic Fit, Swift, Trainer Road, Rouyn, Kino map and Fula on operating on Bluetooth Smart- or ANT+-connected smart phones, tablets and laptops. No additional sensors or add-ons are needed. New ANT+ connectivity allows training data to broadcast directly to Garmin devices or training apps that allow the use ANT+ dongles on desktop computers.