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lad weather watch

[Lad Weather] German Sensor Altimeter/Barometer/Digital Compass/Weather Forecast/Multi Function/Outdoor Climbing/Running/Walking Sport Watch

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■German Sensor
■Weather Forecast(Sunny/ Cloudy with sun/ Cloudy/ Raining)
-Altitude graph (automatically records on the hour)
-Meter(m) or feet(ft)
-Altitude graph (stores up to 34 past hourly data)
■Track Mode (Relative Altitude : It can measure the ascending or decending altitude between the starting and the finish point.)
-Sea level Pressure graph (stores up to 34 past hourly data)
-mb, hPa or inHg
■Digital Compass
-Magnetic Declination
-Celsius(℃) or degree Fahrenheit
-measure elapsed time
-measure Lap Time (Up to 10 laps)
-Range : 99 houres 59 minutes 59.99 seconds
-Countdown Timer
-Range : 99 houres 59 minutes 59.99 seconds
-Timer Sounds (Sounds for 30 seconds when counting to zero)
■Dual Time Mode
■Daily Alarm (Daily Alarm 1 and 2 are working independently)
■Day and date calendar
-MM/DD or DD/MM format
■Power Saving Mode
■Electro Luminescence Backlight
■12-hour/24-hour switchable

  • Color: White / Negative display
  • Function: Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Thermometer, Weather forecast, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Water resistant 3 ATM
  • Case: Plastic (Diameter 45mm, Thickness 13mm), Caseback: Stainless steel, Strap: Polyurethane (Width 22mm, Length 150-220mm), Glass: Acrylic, Weight: 57g
  • Data range: Altimeter: -706 - 9,164m (-2,316 - 30,067ft), Barometer: 300 - 1,100hPa/mbar (8.85 - 32.48inHg), Thermometer: -10 - 60°C (14 - 140°F), Weather forecast: 4 icons (Sunny, Partly cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy), Stopwatch: 10 laps
  • The very first model of Sensor Master series. Now it’s global standard of ABC watch: one with altimeter, barometer and compass. Useful in many situations: Hiking, Climbing, Camping, Cycling, Fishing, etc.
Product Specification
Colors White / Black
Weight 0.3 pounds

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