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Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Bananas (120 Servings) - onlinesportsmall

Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Bananas (120 Servings)

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Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Bananas are packed with their natural potassium goodness into convenient, resalable, puncture resistant pouches. For up to 25 years you can store them in a cool dry place or use them for every day snacks and meals. Sprinkle them over your favorite cereal or bake them into your family's favorite dessert Be sure to stock up on this fruity goodness.

  • Easy to open zip-seal 'metalite' pouches
  • Up to a 25 Year Shelf Life
  • Reusable 4 gal bucket
  • Oxygen absorber in every pouch for ensured freshness

Product Specification

Dimension 15x8x12 inches
Weight 3.95 pounds