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Mad Alchemy Russian Tea Warming Embrocation One Color, One Size - onlinesportsmall

Mad Alchemy Russian Tea Warming Embrocation One Color, One Size

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Unscrew the cap. Take a whiff. Close your eyes. Gently breathe in. You'll get it -- a citrus bouquet, cinnamon and clove hanging out just underneath. The scents recall winter warmth and comfort, with a hint of freshness. This is the secret of Mad Alchemy's Russian Tea Warming Embrocation. It's strong, safe, and energizing. For the master alchemist, this aroma takes him back to winter holidays with his mother-in-law. It's cold outside, but the house is warm. The Russian Tea is there for comfort. This is his go-to rub on race day. The scent helps him relax and focus on the task ahead. This tub comes out whenever embro' is called for, which is pretty much all the time. Cool mornings, cold afternoons, road racing, cyclocross, you name it. A number is pinned on, then the Russian Tea Warming Embrocation is pulled from the gear bag. In terms of heat, it's a medium rub with an equal percentage of capsicum annuum as the Medium packs. It doesn't pack a punch or a wallop; it's just right. The ingredient list pretty much matches the Mad Alchemy Medium save for the line-up of essential oils. They're a bit different to provide a different scent for a different sensation. You'll find grapeseed and rapeseed oils with some shea butter and unbleached beeswax mixed in for the smooth texture. The warmth comes from the inclusion of capsicum annuum, and the aforementioned mix of essential oils gives it a scent that's comforting yet gets you ready for action.

  • Volume: 4 oz
  • Ingredients: essential oils, beeswax, grapeseed, soybean oil
  • Recommended Use: cycling
  • Manufacturer Warranty: unlimited lifetime

Product Specification

Colors One Color
Size One Size
Dimension 3x3x3 inches
Weight 0.2 pounds

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