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Meilan new X5 Smart Bike Tail Light –Automatic Brake Light,Laser Light,Turn Signal Light,Wireless Control,USB Rechargeable and Easy to Install - onlinesportsmall

MEILAN X5 Wireless Remote Control Smart Bike TailLight Rear Light Automatic Brake Light with Turn Signal Light USB Rechargeable Safety Flashing light Fits on Any Road Bicycle

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Product description:-

Meilan Bike Tail Light

Have you ever own a cool bike tail light with automatic brake light? Just like a car back taillight, but it is Cheaper and smaller?
A smart wireless remote control on the front that you can choose left/right turning, Emergency flashing, dual side laser line on the ground to alarm the cars or people to keep a safety distance. Such a cool laser will help you catch more attention at night.


  • Auto light sensor: on/off by ambient light brightness
  • Remote control to stay away from complex wiring on bike
  • Turn signal light indicated by the red and yellow color LED
  • Two bike-laser beams projected on ground marks a safety zone
  • Streamline regular visual warning by red color LED
  • Choice quality LED ensures high light output, various lighting modes provided
  • Equipped with high volume battery to support high illumination
  • USB 5V charging, easy to use with computer, laptop, Android phone charger or battery bank
  • Housing Made by ABS material from fine tooling,
  • Easy mount and release