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Myklops Rear View Mirror - onlinesportsmall

Myklops Rear View Mirror

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The Myklops rear view mirror has been designed to improve visibility whilst cycling on busy roads. It has been developed with practicality, convenience and, above all, safety in mind. The Myklops is worn on your wrist, just like a watch, and because it's on your wrist you can make slight movements with your hand to achieve a greater field of vision without taking your hand off the handlebar. If you have more than one bike you won't need a mirror for each of them. It's great for commuting or recreational cycling and it doesn't matter what type of bike you use as you can configure the Myklops for straight or drop handlebars. It works on either wrist, which is great if you're cycling abroad. It can't be stolen when it's on your wrist, it won't get snagged or damaged when you stow your bike away and it's so light you won't even notice that you're wearing one. Keeping an eye out for traffic is a priority for every cyclist, however, using the Myklops means you can also look out for your cycling partner too, making sure they are safe and still behind you. The Myklops is made from strong, lightweight ABS plastic. It has two internal extending arms and a base that can rotate 360 degrees which means you can position the mirror to suit all cycling styles. The comfortable neoprene strap can be lengthened to fit over winter clothing and can be easily removed for cleaning. Mirror diameter is 50mm. Arm length 35mm. Weight: 38g.