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NiteRider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost - onlinesportsmall

NiteRider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost

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The NiteRider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost is an innovative bike light that removes the guesswork related to battery life, allowing you to plan your next ride safely with complete confidence, day or night. The OLED multifunctional digital display screen delivers precise battery run times as a percentage and actual time for the Lumina OLED's 9 lighting levels. The Lumina OLED 1200 Boost features a custom engineered collimator sense, producing a generous widespread beam pattern. With Boost Mode providing a stunning 1200 lumens of maximum light output, this makes the Lumina OLED highly capable for use when navigating through diverse riding conditions.

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