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Outdoor Indoor Thick Nylon Mesh Hammock Net Swing - onlinesportsmall

Outdoor Indoor Thick Nylon Mesh Hammock Net Swing

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Feature: 1:Very strong and great load bearing, the surface of the hammock is soft and comfortable, safe and do not show the dirt. 2:Small volumn, easy to take, do not occupy sapce, very convenient.
Warmth warning:

1:The ropes of both ends can not be twined or knotted.

2:The height of the bind place must be equal, keep balance.

3:A protective cushion is needed when children use it, protect children from getting hurt when they fall down from the hammock.

4:You can sit or lie down on the hammock, never stand on the hammock, that's very dangerous!
5:The most suitable and safe distance from the ground is 20-40cm.

6:When you lie flat on the hammock, you need to keep balance with the hammock. Do not over incline, or you will fall out of the hammock.

  • Material: Nylon mesh hammock (the diameter of the nylon rope is 0.5cm.)+ stainless steel ring.
  • Load bearing: 90KG.
  • Weight: 0.38KG.
  • Application: single.
  • Size: 210*80cm.
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