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Panaracer Pasela 26 x 1.75 Wire Bead Tire - onlinesportsmall

Panaracer Pasela 26 x 1.75 Wire Bead Tire

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Pasela is our standard all around touring or urban commuting tire. Its comprehensive size range insures that you can find a Pasela for most any usage. Ride it and trust it. Two tread patterns available.

  • Urban/Commuter tire
  • Steel (Wire) bead
  • 26 x 1.75 and Black with Amber sidewall
  • Weighing 470 grams
  • 40-65 PSI

Product Specification

Colors Black with Amber sidewall
Size 26x1.75-Inch
Dimension 12x12x12 inches
Weight 1.4 pounds