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Pedro's Essential Bike Care Kit White, 100ml - onlinesportsmall

Pedro's Essential Bike Care Kit White, 100ml

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Whether you spend your mornings on singletrack or entire days climbing on the roads, your bike is bound to encounter its fair share of mud, grit, and the occasional fly or ten. Give your beloved machine a day off and show it some love with Pedro's Essential Bike Care Kit. The set includes 4oz each of Pig Juice degreaser, Green Fizz 16x Concentrate, and Chainj chain lube. After a day of pampering with these products, you may not even recognize your bike.

  • Volume: [Pig Juice degreaser] 4 oz, [Green Fizz 16x Concentrate] 4 oz, [Chainj chain lube] 4 oz
  • Recommended Use: maintenance
  • Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime

Product Specification

Colors White
Size 100ml
Dimension 3x7x8 inches
Weight 1.05 pounds