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Pedro's Pig Pen Drivetrain Maintenance Kit White, 100ml - onlinesportsmall

Pedro's Pig Pen Drivetrain Maintenance Kit White, 100ml

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After your last trail ride your drivetrain quite closely resembles a pig sty, but with a little water, a little degreaser, and some help from the Pedro's Pig Pen II Drivetrain Maintenance Kit you'll have no problem getting it back to its shiny and new stat in no time. The kit starts you out with Pedro's redesigned Chain Pig II chain cleaner, which has been enhanced with stainless steel hardware, ready to go to battle against the grimiest chains. It features a quick-lock closure and derailleur hook that allows you to use it hands-free, and only requires an ounce of degreaser to get your drivetrain spotless. The Pig Pen II equips you with Pedro's Pig Juice degreaser developed specifically to pair with the Chain Pig chain cleaner to devour grime by penetrating an loosening, while the brushes scrub away dirt, grime, oil and soil from your chain, with less vigorous scrubbing from you. Pig Juice is free of harsh chemicals, and fully biodegradable with all of its ingredients completely plant derived for maintenance that's friendlier on the environment. While the chain pig might gobble up all of the grime off of your chain, you'll likely still have some build up hanging out on derailleurs, chainrings, and your cassette, which is why the kit is equipped with a handy gear brush. Pair it with a little degreaser and you can work the grime out of all of your components, before giving it a final once-over with a spot of X-Dry lube to elevate efficiency and reduce wear on your ride.

  • Volume: [pig juice degreaser] 4oz, [x dry premium dry lube] 4oz
  • Includes: gear brush, Chain Pig II
  • Recommended Use: bike maintenance, bike cleaning
  • Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime

Product Specification

Colors One Color
Size One Size
Dimension 2x8x11 inches
Weight 1.25 pounds