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PhysioGymnic Inflatable Exercise Roll - Yellow - 22" (55 cm) - onlinesportsmall

PhysioGymnic Inflatable Exercise Roll - Yellow - 22" (55 cm)

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The Physio Roll was born from joining two balls together and creating a tool which allows for a great use variety and a higher stability as against the ball. It has been used in the physiotherapy sector for many years and it is ideal for those who have coordination and balance difficulties, for disabled people, for elderly people, and also for nursery schools.

  • Used for abduction and adduction of core increasing core and hip strength
  • Use for balance for lower lumbar, hip and leg strengthening
  • Made of super strong, latex-free vinyl
  • Phthalate & BPA Free
  • Ideal for coordination and balance
  • For body weight only. Lifting weights while using product may cause injuries to the user.

Product Specification

Colors Yellow
Size 22"
Dimension 22x22x36 inches
Weight 5.25 pounds