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PJ1 1-20 Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube (Aerosol), 13 oz - onlinesportsmall

PJ1 1-20 Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube (Aerosol), 13 oz

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PJ1 New Improved Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube applies easily and features a foaming action that penetrates into the pins and rollers to set up into a tacky, grease-like coating. After penetrating the inside of the chain, the lube becomes a sticky lubricant that bounces back or has a "memory" effect that withstands the continual mechanical stress of the chain. Specially optimized for a standard non-O-ring chains, yet is O-Ring safe and compatible with either type of motorcycle chain. New super tacky formulation reduces dirty fly-off, displaces and repels water, protects against rust and corrosion, extending sprocket and chain life. Petroleum based, race proven, and environmentally friendly with minimal rolling resistance.

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