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Pro-Tec Junior Classic Fit Certified Skate Helmet - onlinesportsmall

Pro-Tec Junior Classic Fit Certified Skate Helmet

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There's only one choice when it comes to looking for the best action sport helmet around - the Pro-Tec Junior Classic Fit Certified Skate Helmet! This professional quality junior fit helmet for skating and biking delivers on 40 years of listening to skaters all over the world and using the latest technology to create the greatest protection available. With an ABS hard outer shell and EPS inner foam liner, the wearer can shred in confidence knowing that this helmet will absorb those hard, fast impacts for maximum protection. A plush wrap on the liner wicks away moisture to prevent dripping sweat on the wearer, allowing greater focus and comfort, while 11 large vents improve flow-through air channeling to keep the wearer cool during intense activity. A magnetic closure buckle helps avoid pinching when securing the strap, making it easy to use for younger skaters, while the rotating dial fit system in the rear of the helmet assists in fine-tuning placement for that proper snug fit. This helmet is Certified, meaning it meets and passes independent safety standards for skate and bicycle helmets. X-Large size helmet fits head circumference of 23.6-24.4 inches (60-62cm) and includes an adjustable chin strap for optimal fit. Helmet comes with 1 year warranty.