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ProSource Cork Yoga Blocks Set of 2, 4x6x9, Beige - onlinesportsmall

ProSource Cork Yoga Blocks Set of 2, 4x6x9, Beige

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Made with the environment in mind, ProSource Cork Yoga Blocks provide a natural way to improve your yoga practice and flexibility. The cork design is made of sustainable material that provides a slightly heavier feel than foam blocks, as well as better grip. Blocks can be used alone or as a pair to provide support and stability during poses that are harder to reach. Place them on any of their sides so you can adjust the height depending on your comfortability. They are perfect for assisting in poses such as triangle or half moon to maintain proper posture as you learn and increase flexibility. They can also be used to sit on in seated poses or pigeon pose when you have tight hips, or employed as assistance for advancing and learning more difficult poses like arm balances. Place one between thighs during poses like bridge to help maintain knee alignment. They are also the perfect companion for restorative yoga to help open up the chest and shoulders or support knees, allowing you to fully relax into poses. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, ProSource Cork Yoga Blocks are an essential for any yoga practice.