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Roman Soldier Military Lorica Segmentata Body Armor 20g Steel - onlinesportsmall

Roman Soldier Military Lorica Segmentata Body Armor 20g Steel

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The Lorica Segmentata is a type of segmented armor exclusively used during the Roman Empire. This armor consists of broad steel strips/plates, fastened to thick leather straps, which are arranged horizontally on the body, overlapping downwards. The fitments that close the various plate sections together made of polished brass fittings, adding a beautiful touch of class to this Cuirass. The cuirass is tied shut front and back with leather thongs. The upper body and shoulders are protected by additional shoulder guards. The shoulder guard (Pauldron) is well decorated with polished brass hinges and rivets. This superb replica is being hand-crafted from 18 gauge mild steel which offers a polish finish. It is quite flexible and allows plenty of freedom of movement. Our closely copied Lorica Segmentata can be worn to a costume party but is also solid enough for combat re-enactments. They are being widely used in movies as well. This historical piece is a must for any Armor collector or enthusiasts.

  • Overall Length: 13.25 Inches Each Piece/ Handmade
  • Width: 14.5 Inches Each Piece, Steel Gauge: 18 Gauge
  • Includes: Segmenta Front & Back, Shoulder Guards
  • Features: Brass Hinges, Brass Rivets, Brass Fittings
  • Fitment: Adjustable Leather Straps, Leather Thongs

Product Specification

Colors 'Polished Steel
Size 'One Size
Dimension 9.29x13.31x17.2 inches
Weight 157

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