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Runbell Handheld Bell for Runners, Skaters & Bikers, Rose Gold - onlinesportsmall

Runbell Handheld Bell for Runners, Skaters & Bikers, Rose Gold

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Your feet pound the path. Your breathing is deep but steady. As you lengthen your stride the trees along the path become a blur.

Then, a hundred yards ahead of you, you spot the blockade-three people walking abreast and chatting cheerfully. They probably don't even realize they're blocking your path.

You clear your throat, but the pedestrians are engaged in conversation and do not hear you.

What do you do? It feels rude to shout, and even ruder to barrel your way between them.

Runbell lets you communicate your presence in a polite way. The clear ring of the bell cuts through traffic and conversation noise to get the attention of others who share the trail or sidewalk.

"The greatest fitness accessory on Kickstarter" - OUTSIDE ONLINE

"The runner's version of the classic bicycle bell" - Runner's World

Runbell lets you alert pedestrians, bicyclists, and other joggers that you are drawing near, without having to shout a verbal warning. It produces a bright, clear "ring! ring!" that cuts through ambient noise. It is also a more polite solution than a warning shout or a last-second, grunted, "Coming through!"
We designed Runbell to be slightly oversized, to fit even large hands comfortably. Two pairs of silicone inserts are included with every Runbell, so you can reduce the ring size to fit YOUR finger perfectly. On cold days, leave out the insert and wear Runbell over your gloves.

STEP 1:Fit Your Fingers
Slide Runbell onto your index and middle finger. Adjust with removable silicone inserts.
STEP 2: Ring Ring
Reach with your thumb, push the hammer forward or pull to the side, release. Enjoy Runbell's signature ching!
STEP 3: Say "Thank You"

  • JUST RUN WITH IT - Runbell works. Try it and see. Walkers often complain that runners overtake them in surprise. Give warning before you pass and make your run easier.
  • MUSICAL - A high quality brass dome produces a loud, powerful, musical ring. You'll love the ring so much, you'll ring it more than you need it.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing only 1 ounce, Runbell is small, stylish, and lightweight. Running with a Runbell has never been easier. You'll barely notice your new running gear
  • ADJUSTABLE - Slightly oversized with two pairs of silicone inserts, adjust to fit YOUR fingers. Cold outside, then wear gloves because Runbell is oversized for the average fingers.
  • QUALITY PACKAGING - Runbell comes in a beautiful packaging and makes a very unique present for the runner who has everything. Plus Runbell is proudly made in Japan. Enjoy quality craftsmanship from the land of the rising sun.

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