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Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor: Bluetooth Smart + 5.3kHz - onlinesportsmall

Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor: Bluetooth Smart + 5.3kHz

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Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you want to lose weight or train for a marathon, knowing your heart rate during your workout and keeping it in the right heart rate zone will help you reach your fitness goals faster. Track your heart rate and stay in your heart rate zones when you pair the Runtastic Bluetooth Smart Combo Heart Rate Monitor with the Runtastic Smartphone Apps (Runtastic, Runtastic Road Bike, Runtastic Mountain Bike) or with cardio equipment. The transmitter uses low energy Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Smart Ready technology. It also can send your heart rate to cardio equipment. Its adjustable cloth strap is comfortable, will not roll and bind, and is hand-washable.

Heart Rate Information in Runtastic Apps

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Heart Rate Information on Runtastic.com

Heart Rate Zones


Mapped Routes


Stats and Charts


  • Compatible with iPhone 5s/5c/5 and iPhone 4s, Bluetooth Smart Ready Android devices running Android 4.3 & Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Allows heart rate data transmission without additional adapters via Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Works with top-rated Runtastic Smartphone Apps for complete workout stats including heart rate zones and calories burned
  • Transmits heart rate to indoor cardio equipment at health clubs and home gyms using 5.3 kHz technology
  • Very low energy consumption, with a long-lasting battery that is easy to replace, and washable belt
Product Specification
Colors Black
Dimension 6.5x3.74x2.17 inches
Weight 0.35 pounds

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