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Schwinn Air Sport Plus Gauge Frame Pump - onlinesportsmall

Schwinn Air Sport Plus Gauge Frame Pump

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Nothing slows down your ride like a flat tire. Be prepared for flats and keep the ride going with the air Sport plus frame pump from Schwinn! this handy little frame pump comes with a convenient mounting bracket which lets you clip the pump directly onto your bike frame for easy on-the-go inflation. Since the aluminum pump barrel is lightweight and durable, it won't weigh you down while you ride. Now you never have to worry about a flat tire again! the convenient dual head nozzle fits both Schrader and Presta valves for all the bikes in the family, and the rotating pump head is crucial for pumping your tires from any angle. The gauge inflates up to 120 PSI and displays different inflation ranges for different types of bikes, so you can pump your tires to the perfect inflation level every time. Lightweight, convenient and versatile, the air Sport plus frame pump is the perfect enhancement to your ride. Enjoy the freedom of riding with Schwinn.