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Sound Defense Sonic Dog Repellent & Deterrent Device Bike Mount - onlinesportsmall

Sound Defense Sonic Dog Repellent & Deterrent Device Bike Mount

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BIKE MOUNT Your Sound Defense warning device excels as a dog repellent deterrent, bike horn, personal defense alarm, & distress signal audible to humans. Adjustable strap for attachment to the bicycle in multiple locations & for secure attachment to the bike over rough roads. DOG REPELLENT DETERRENT REPELS CANINES Sold separately, Sound Defense is your go-to protection against aggressive canines. Using patented technology, Sound Defense sends an audible signal into the sensitive hearing range of dogs, coyotes & wolves. With the simple press of a button, repel dogs from up to 25 feet. SAFE & HUMANE While keeping yourself & your loved ones safe, you're also keeping animals from harm. The sound signal & frequency do all the work for you without any need to approach or engage mean dogs. Overwhelmed with the sound, they stop, turn away or back off, allowing you safe passage on your morning walk, afternoon bike ride, or evening run. NO HARMFUL SPRAY Your Sound Defense warning device does not use any propellants, saving you from harmful blowback and any need to buy and replace expensive chemical cartridges. Each device comes with a 9 volt battery. With each button press between 2 to 15 seconds, you'll have more than 1 whole hour of continuous use. LONG RANGE SOUND No need to have perfect aim. Just point and hold the button & your handheld defender broadcasts its sound over a wide, effective field. That's from up to 25 feet between you & any aggressive hound.

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