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Stretch 'n Relax„ with M/L Yogi Feet - onlinesportsmall

Stretch 'n Relax„ with M/L Yogi Feet

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Wai Lana Yoga Stretch 'n Relax Kit. Stretch 'n Relax Kit Relieve Stress - Relax Your Body - Increase Flexibility. The Kit includes: Flexibility DVD This effective yoga routine will help you relieve tension, improve mental alertness, and increase your flexibility. (Running time: Approx. 50 min.) Rest & Relax CD These ancient relaxation techniques will guide you into a state of restful meditation. (Running time: 54 min.) Towel Strap This compact, lightweight yoga strap will help you hold and deepen stretches, while doubling as an absorbent towel to keep you dry during your workout. (Hypoallergenic, machine washable.) Practice Yoga Anywhere without a mat! Featuring tiny rubber nubs that help you grip the floor with your hands and feet, Wai Lana's Yogi Fingers and Yogi Feet serve as a compact and lightweight yoga mat alternative. Yogi FingersTM One size fits most. 78% cotton, 20% spandex, 2% elastic. Nubs: PVC. Machine wash cold, dry flat. Yogi Feet&treade; S/M: Fits women's shoe sizes 5-10, men's shoe sizes 4-8. M/L: Fits women's shoe sizes 10-11, men's shoe sizes 9-11. 78% cotton, 20% spandex, 2% elastic. Nubs: PVC. Machine wash cold, dry flat. Materials: Plastic, Cotton, Rubber, Spandex, and PVC. Dimensions: 12" L x 5.5" W x 2.75"H Weight: 2 lbs.

  • Perfect for home, class, or travel
  • Soft, cushioned, and comfortable
  • Customized personal workout

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