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Terra Hiker Bike Chain Lock, Coiling 5-Digit Combination Lock for Bicycles, Keyless - onlinesportsmall

Terra Hiker Bike Chain Lock, Coiling 5-Digit Combination Lock for Bicycles, Keyless

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ACCURATE 5-DIGIT COMBINATION: The advanced 5-digit combination offers up to 100,000 possible combinations, making it nearly impossible to crack and greatly decreases the chance of theft; built-in positioning system ensures the dial can easily be turned into place without any numbers slipping; easy to set any combination; convenient and practical to use with no need to bring keysSTRENGTHENED ZINC ALLOY LOCK CYLINDER: The lock is covered with an ABS shell that won't crack at low temperatures and won't deform in high temperatures; zinc alloy lock cylinder that adopts a sealing plug system based on international standards and is dust-proof, water-proof, drill-resistant and saw-resistantSTRONG CHAIN RESISTS DRILLS & SAWS: Unbreakable manganese steel chain is highly wear-resistant, rust-proof and cut-resistant, keeping your possessions safe; the 87 cm (34 in) chain is made of 22 links with a circumference of 94 cm (37 in) when locked, long enough to chain 4 bikesWEAR-RESISTANT AND SCRATCH-PROOF FABRIC WRAPPING: The chain is wrapped by a high quality polypropylene fabric, which is scratch-proof and wear-resistant; it protects the chain and prevents it scratching your propertyCOMPACT SIZE WITH WIDE APPLICATION: Ideal to protect your bikes, electric scooters and motorbikes, but also ladders, lawn mowers, gates, fences, and even sports equipment from being stolen; weighs 645 g (1.42 lb) with a length of 100 cm (39.4 in); Note: When the lock cannot be opened by the default combination 00000, please rotate the dials back and forth for a few times, and then enter the default combination

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