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The Muscle Masher - onlinesportsmall

The Muscle Masher

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The basic Muscle Masher comes with a standard black strap, basic handle, extender, and plastic 2 ball tip. The Muscle Masher is an elite muscle therapy tool to put the power of massage and pressure points in your hand. It can allow for as much or as little pressure as you desire with little effort, targeting exactly the spot you are trying to get. The unique design lets you work out muscle knots from the comfort of your couch and the small form factor makes it easy to travel with.

  • Easily get a deep tissue massage!
  • Best tool for soft tissue therapy, giving the perfect pressure every time.
  • Works out muscle knots to prevent injury and increase performance.
  • Perform your own shiatsu massage and train harder.
  • Perfect for troublesome IT bands, thighs, forearms, and calves.
    Product Specification

    Dimension 7.5L x 3.25H x 3.5W
    Weight 1.5

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