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Titanium Money Clip

Titanium Money Clip

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Since 2003, Vargo has brought you some of the lightest, most dependable, and innovative outdoor products.   what began with titanium tent stakes soon morphed into titanium stoves, pots, mugs, camp ware, tools, water bottles, and more.   yet behind every product has been our passion to innovate and create the best ultralight outdoor gear.

  • Minimal Weight
  • Lightweight, dependable, and innovative outdoor products
  • Titanium construction
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Classy design looks good on and off the trail
  • Titanium's non-magnetic properties won't demagnetize ID or credit cards

Product Specification

Colors 'Multicolor
Size 'Regular
Dimension 0.3x4.5x2.7 inches
Weight 0.05 pounds