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Tourna Mesh Pack of 12 Tennis Balls - onlinesportsmall

Tourna Mesh Pack of 12 Tennis Balls

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Pressureless Tennis Balls never lose their bounce.

Comes in a reusable mesh bag. Pressure-less means they never go dead, which makes them great for tennis practice, ball machines, filling up ball baskets and hoppers, or just making sure your pet has hours of fun chasing these balls. They fit all dog ball launchers and automatic ball launchers. Durable rubber and a premium felt ensures their use can be universal, whether your a budding tennis player or a pet owner.

  • TOURNA PRESSURLESS BALLS NEVER LOSE THEIR BOUNCE. Regular tennis balls go flat over time, even if you don't use them. These balls will have the same consistent bounce for the life of the ball.
  • DURABLE! Not all tennis balls are created equal. The extra durable felt on the TOURNA Pressurless tennis balls lasts a long time. Ideal for tennis ball machines, tennis practice, or even playing with your pets.
  • REGULATION SIZE AND BOUNCE. TOURNA tennis balls are regulation size and bounce to regulation height. Many pressureless balls are smaller than a regular ball. Play and practice with confidence on all surfaces with Tourna Pressureless Tennis Balls.

Product Specification

Dimension 4x6.9x8.4 inches
Weight 1

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