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Upper Bounce? Trampoline Anchor Kit (Set of 4) - onlinesportsmall

Upper Bounce? Trampoline Anchor Kit (Set of 4)

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Keep your trampoline secured safely and sturdy into the ground during harsh weathers and strong winds! These are Extremely High Quality, UV treated Anchors for lasting weather protection. Sturdy design that screws into the ground for extra security. Easy to assemble, with 8 Buckles & 4 Straps that go over the Top & Bottom, of your Trampoline Frame. This Kit can be used for all brands of Trampolines & other outdoor items that need to be anchored down.

  • These anchors are easy to assemble! Just screw the steel anchor into the ground, connect the strap to the Loop on the anchor and to the trampoline frame, use the adjustable buckles according to your preferences and to the height of your trampoline
  • Simple & Easy Attachment
  • Keeps your trampoline safe in place while your kids are jumping!
  • Save your big investment with this small and ever-lasting investment
  • Works only for trampoline frames with a maximum height of 34 inches

Product Specification

Colors 'Multi-Colored
Dimension 2.36x2.76x3.54 inches
Weight 2.4 pounds