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Val-u-Band - Low Powder - 50 yard - plum (level 5/7) - onlinesportsmall

Val-u-Band - Low Powder - 50 yard - plum (level 5/7)

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Low powder resistive exercise Val-u-Band is color-coded in berry colors. Low powder Val-u-Band is an economical latex exercise band. Same great quality as CanDo latex exercise bands. 5 inch width band available in dispenser boxes. Available in 6 and 50 yard roll. 50 yard roll has core for use with dispenser systems. Levels range in order of resistance from least to greatest resistance: pear (0), peach (1), orange (2), lime (3), blueberry (4), plum (5), mushroom (6), pineapple (7). For those with latex sensitivities, there are latex-free alternative offerings of Val-U exercise band.

  • Val-U-Band by the makers of CanDo-high quality lowest price
  • For therapy, fitness and rehabilitation
  • Plum; 50 yard

Product Specification

Colors Plum: X-heavy
Size 50 yard: Box, Latex
Dimension 5.5x7x7 inches
Weight 5.07 pounds

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