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WaterBrick - 8 Pack Blue with Spigot - onlinesportsmall

WaterBrick - 8 Pack Blue with Spigot

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This package contains 8 Blue WaterBricks with 1 screw on spigot. The WaterBrick is an excellent water storage container, that can be used at home and on the go. Each WaterBrick holds 3.5 gallons of water and they are all stackable, making for easy storage. WaterBricks can also be used to store other things as well, the options are endless! It is a great feeling, knowing that you have water stored in your home. It really gives you that extra peace of mind

  • 3.5 gallons each, 28 gallons total
  • Stackable rectangular blocks which interlock for stability
  • Spigot Included
  • Can be used for water or foods like rice, beans, or anything you want to keep safe and dry from the elements
  • FDA approved, and BPA free

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