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XS Scuba Highland by Depth Gauge Capsule - onlinesportsmall

XS Scuba Highland by Depth Gauge Capsule

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Highland by XS Scuba's Depth Gauge Capsule is a Compact Gauge measuring a mere 1.95 (5 cm) in Diameter and .90 (2.3 cm) Thick. This very accurate Oil Filled Depth Gauge reads depth from 0' to 220' and comes equipped with a Maximum Depth Indicator Needle. The Maximum Depth Indicator Needle is pushed by the Gauge Depth Needle until the diver meets their maximum depth and will remain there for the duration of the dive to indicate the divers Deepest Depth Reached during the dive. This feature allows the diver to not record that depth while actually diving, yet will be available upon surfacing for later calculations for repetitive dives. The Highland by XS Scuba's Depth Gauge Capsule, is Durable with its Chromed Brass Housing Ring. The Depth Gauge has a Luminescent Gauge Face for Easy Reading when Night Diving or Low Light Conditions. Compact, Low Profile and Strong as Nails, this is one great gauge.

  • Highland by XS Scuba Depth Gauge Capsule
  • Chromed Brass Housing Ring
  • Oil Filled
  • Readout: 0' to 220'
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