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XShot 2.0 for GoPro Camera Extender Pole

XShot 2.0 for GoPro Camera Extender Pole

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The new XShot Action Pole for GoPro Cameras is the essential accessory for your GoPro, or for any camera that uses GoPro style mounts. Made from durable black anodized aluminum, the Action is safe for use in saltwater or freshwater so you can always take it with you. The Action weighs in light as a feather at under 3 ounces (80g). The XShot Action uses a patented mechanism to keep the pole at any length without the use of locks, twists, or latches. Simple pull it open and push it shut instantly! The Action collapse it down to a under 8 inches (20cm) to use as a handle, or expands out to an ultra-long 32 inch extension you can easily capture background and scenery, and get unique angles Now the world's original and most popular camera extender is made with a direct-to-GoPro Camera mount - no need for to fiddle around with extra adapters. The Action for GoPro Cameras is perfect whether you're traveling, hiking, or using a GoPro camera to capture yourself in sports like snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding - or anything. The XShot Action collapses down to be portable to take with you anywhere, so you'll always be able to get in the picture!

  • Directly fits all GoPro Hero Cameras (or similar) without any adapters
  • Very versatile GoPro Pole : compact 8", and sturdy with a long 32" reach, only 3ounces in weight
  • Anodized black aluminum, safe for saltwater, freshwater and underwater use
  • When collapsed, acts as a simple GoPro Camera handle for steady filming
  • Capture yourself in sports like snowboarding, surfing, paragliding or skateboarding

Product Specification

Colors 'Black/Silver
Dimension 1x4.5x12.55 inches
Weight 0.3 pounds